Unlock the full potential of every vehicle in their garage.

GarageShare: Discover every vehicle in your customers' garage.

Don’t just service the vehicle you sold them.

✅ Segment out manufacturers you are comfortable servicing based on your team, skillset and capacity.

✅ Drive campaigns to get their other vehicles serviced by your shop. 

✅ Discover all other vehicles they have so you can potentially appraise their entire garage with a few short questions.

Be their servicing center for every vehicle they own.

Fill your service lanes

By knowing what other vehicles your customers have beyond the ones you sold them, you gain the opportunity to appraise their entire garage. This not only streamlines your process but also presents an excellent chance to upsell and increase revenue. With our innovative platform, you can easily identify other vehicles owned by the customer and engage with them right from the start. Our goal is to help you become their one-stop servicing center for every vehicle they own.

Elevate the customer experience

From sales to service, your customers expect a personalized experience. GarageShare provides you the insights to meet your customers right in their households. Shape the customer journey by proactively engaging and offering them what they need when they want it.

Unify sales and service

Insights that enable dealerships to thrive. GarageShare gives you the opportunity to know what other vehicles they have so you can appraise their entire garage with just a few questions and uncover trade-in or lease expiration opportunities, opening up new avenues for your dealership.

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