Amplify Revenue with Insurance Verification

Partner with DealerVantage to seamlessly integrate comprehensive insurance verification, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction without disrupting your workflow.

Address the primary reason people shop for new insurance – buying a new vehicle.

Insurance SolutionsThat Boost Profitability

A robust platform to provide your customers with a better insurance experience. Increase your insurance revenue while solving your customers' insurance challenges.

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Streamline Your Operations with Expert Verification

Insurance Verification

Ensure every customer meets their loan or lease insurance requirements instantly with our thorough verification process.

Automated Outreach

Offer a value-added service to financed buyers with post-sale email communications integrated into your DMS, enhancing customer retention.

No Process Interruption

Integrate our services without any changes to your current sales process, maintaining the flow of your business.

Empower Your Customers with Our Exclusive Dashboard

When you partner with DealerVantage, your customers gain access to our first-of-its kind insurance dashboard. They can utilize tools like Rate Monitor and Price Score, and even request price-locked quotes, all designed to give them control over their insurance choices and costs.

insurance that Elevates the Customer Experience

Enhanced Satisfaction

Thanks to the Insurance Report that DealerVantage sent me after purchasing my Jeep, I saved $400 on my insurance! My dealership told me DealerVantage would check my insurance coverages and I found out I that I was underinsured and they found me more discounts! They guided me through adjusting my coverage for better protection and I saved money! Highly recommend their services!

- Maria J.

Seamless Integration

DealerVantage integrates into your DMS through our approved partners, creating a completely digital process.