Experience the power of foresight

GarageShare, the first-party data platform that gives you unprecedented access to insurance-based information on all the vehicles in your customers' household, not just the ones you sold them. Expand your used inventory, fill your service lanes, drive sales and anticipate your customers' needs.

boost your bottom line

Drive profitabilityacross all departments.

With GarageShare, you're not just competing – you're dominating.

Exclusive Inventory

Acquire pre-owned inventory that increases profitability.

Fill Service Lanes

Service your customers' entire
household, not just the vehicles you sold them.

Sell More Vehicles

Target top trade-ins and lease expirations. Predict your customers' needs.

Increase Retention

Personalized customer lifecycle management from purchase to service.

Harness the power of
insurance-based data

Our innovative InsurData not only enhances your customers' journey, but also provides you with invaluable insights to drive increased profitability.

Want results?

With just 2,000 annual vehicle sales


More than 2200 new leads


Over 44 additional vehicle sales


More than $125k in gross profit

Servicethe household

GarageShare unlocks hidden opportunities: Discover your customers' full vehicle inventory to streamline processes and boost revenue potential.


insurance that Elevates the Customer Experience

Enhanced Satisfaction

Thanks to the Insurance Report that DealerVantage sent me after purchasing my Jeep, I saved $400 on my insurance! My dealership told me DealerVantage would check my insurance coverages and I found out I that I was underinsured and they found me more discounts! They guided me through adjusting my coverage for better protection and I saved money! Highly recommend their services!

- Maria J.

Seamless Integration

DealerVantage integrates into your DMS through our approved partners, creating a completely digital process.