WEBINAR series

DealerVantage on Ted Ings' Fixed Ops Routable

Join us as DealerVantage CEO, Eric Foster, sits down with Ted Ings on the Fixed Ops Roundtable to delve into the groundbreaking features of our latest product, Garage Share.

Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Auto Industry: Benefits and Opportunities for Car Dealerships

The automotive industry is experiencing a transformational shift in the way cars are made and sold, driven by the integration of advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI). From improving customer experience to increasing sales and optimizing marketing and sales efforts, the benefits of AI in the automotive industry are numerous and significant.AI-powered systems can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and make predictions, enabling car manufacturers to design safer and more efficient vehicles.
In this webinar we introduce and examine how Industry 4.0 technology is impacting how cars are made, sold, and serviced.

Back to Basics: Driving Modern Automotive Sales Success Through Timeless Techniques

Now more than ever, it is crucial for car dealerships to understand and employ effective sales strategies to stay competitive and drive revenue growth. In this webinar, we will delve into essential sales tips for car dealerships that can help them achieve success in their business. By implementing these tips and approaches, car dealerships can improve their chances of closing deals and enhancing customer satisfaction. By following these "back to basics" sales tips, car dealerships can establish long-term relationships with their customers and ultimately increase their revenue. Let's dive in and explore how car dealerships can improve their sales strategies to succeed in today's evolving auto industry.

Sell More Cars, Source More Used Inventory

This webinar provides an in depth look at trends in used car sales and acquisition. We provide the team at your car dealership with useful information, strategies and tactics to win more opportunities for both sales and private party acquisitions to drive success at your rooftops. GarageShare by DealerVantage helps to streamline this success through our state of the industry data platform. For more information on how GarageShare by DealerVantage can help your car dealership, email us at sales@dealervantage.us.

Trends in Used Car Sales: A Retrospective on 2022 and Looking Forward at 2023

This webinar is a comprehensive recap of the trends and stats in used car sales nationwide over the last year, and thoughts on how to use this data to drive your used vehicle sales and acquisition strategies for 2023. Our Goal at DealerVantage is to help you sell more cars and source more inventory. Whether it's through utilizing our software, or just browsing our content we hope to help automotive sales professionals level up their process and industry knowledge! for more info email us today! dealeroutreach@hello.dealervantage.us

DealerVantage Introduction to Garage Share- the most efficient software for Car Dealerships

Are you a car dealer? Do you want to increase sales, win more private party acquisitions, and create more opportunities for your service lanes? If so, check out this video to learn a bit about GarageShare by DealerVantage. We help drive efficiency and create more opportunities through unparalleled access to data visibility into the vehicles owned in the same household as your customers, whether you sold them or they were bought elsewhere!  To find out more email us at sales@dealervantage.us